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Moisture control storage for Military and Law Enforcement Agencies

 Military and Law Enforcement Agencies Dry Cabinet, Dry Box, Dry Chamber

Eureka dry cabinet for government, law enfocement and military agencies

Court Case Evidence

Eureka dry cabinet for government, law enfocement and military agencies Eureka dry cabinet for court records and evidence Eureka dry cabinet for court records and evidence including firearms

The United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Institute of Justice (NIJ) recommends that evidence, such as sexual kits, biological evidence, etc., should be stored in a temperature- and humidity-controlled facility at 60% RH or lower.

Furthermore, the NIST and NIJ provided additional guidelines on how to properly dry wet evidence. (See nvlpubs.nist.gov)

   Eureka dry cabinet for drying evidence Eureka dry box for drying and storing evidence Eureka dry chamber for drying and storing evidence Eureka dry chamber for law enforcement

All of Eureka's dry cabinets utilizes multi-sieve desiccant technology in moisture absorption and humidity control. Eureka Auto Dry Box series dry cabinet, dry box, dry chamber products provides the best methods in drying evidence and maintaining integrity without introducing other contaminants. Eliminating one of many evidence "chain-of-custody" issues in any criminal case prosecution.

Eureka's moisture control services will also provide you with long term storage options for maintaining deposition records, video, film, voice recordings, post-prosecution evidence storage and archiving in cases with lengthy appeals where integrity of evidence preservation will be required.

Firearms/Ammunition/Explosives/Military Storage


Firearms, ammunition, and explosives requires storage in optimal environments. When stored in a less than ideal location, humidity will be the biggest natural enemy causing serious safety consequences.


Eureka Dry Cabinet for firearm Eureka Dry Cabinet for assault rifles Eureka Dry Cabinet for military weapons Eureka Dry Cabinet for rifle scopes

Excess moisture will cause firearms to become rusty, stock warp, mold/fungus growth and/or condensation inside rifle scopes, cause parts to stick together or cause a potential misfire. Moisture control in your gun safe or armory should be one of your top priorities as a gun owner.

Eureka dry cabinet will prevent firearm rustEureka dry cabinet will prevent firearm trigger rustEureka dry cabinet will prevent firearm scope rust

Unlike heating rods that force hot, moist air into the top of the safe, our Eureka units will absorb and remove moisture while maintain corrosion and rust free environment during storage. Whether you want to display your firearms, secure it in a lockable safe, or if you have a large armory, Eureka will provide you with moisture free solutions in any shape and sizes suitable for your storage needs.

The concern with long term storage of ammunition storage is the corrosion on the shell casings. Corrosion comes from excessive moisture reacting with the brass casing or the primer making the round dangerous to fire. The key to successful storage is to avoid moisture damage. 

The United States Department of Defense stores ammunition in environmentally controlled warehouses for decades. Maintain your own ammunition by ensuring the humidity surrounding the ammo is at a minimum with Eureka's moisture control products.

moisture harm to ammunition ammunition rust and oxidation ammunition rust and oxidation Eureka Dry cabinet for firearm and ammunition storage

Dehumidifier may be useful, however, it is unlikely to fit inside a gun safe to protect your weapons. Desiccant packets are considerable options, however, when the packets are left unattended with the ammo to soak up moisture, it could end up causing more harm than good.

Eureka customized moisture controlled armory

Eureka will provide you with fully automatic, moisture controlled storage for all of your weapons, firearms, and accessories. Eliminating constant maintenance and provide worry free storage for your armory.


Any moisture presence in explosives is highly undesirable since it reduces the sensitivity, strength, and velocity of detonation of the explosive.

Moisture affects explosives adversely by acting as an inert material that absorbs heat when vaporized. By acting as a solvent medium, it can, and will cause undesired chemical reactions. Sensitivity, strength, and velocity of detonation are effected by inert materials that reduce the continuity of the explosive mass.

Eureka customized moisture controlled firearm safe moisture control is needed for explosivesmoisture control is needed for explosives 

Explosives are reacts considerably different from one another as to the presence of water. 

Explosives based on ammonium nitrate have little or no water resistance due to the reaction between ammonium nitrate and water, which liberates ammonia, nitrogen dioxide and hydrogen peroxide. In addition, ammonium nitrate is hygroscopic, susceptible to moisture absorption, causing the above concerns. 

Powder explosives are also extremely sensitive to humidity. Depending on its chemical nature, relative humidity in storage environment will affect the moisture content of powders and will inhibit or promote the explosives ignitability and explosion strength. These undesirable influences are sometimes very strong and lead to explosion risks higher than for the dry powder. 

Eureka's humidity control cabinets will provide optimal environments to maintain integrity and desired effects of explosive material.  

Military Application

Eureka provides moisture control product for military weapons Eureka provides moisture control product for military weapon development Eureka provides moisture control product for military weapon storage Eureka provides moisture control product for military weapon storage
Military agencies all over the world owns the most complicated and sensitive technology. These technology requires strict control environment in development, manufacturing and storage to maintain its reliability and performance. Without proper moisture control, field reliability will become an issue causing serious catastrophe. Military grade weaponry and devices costs large sums of tax dollars for the government to develop, purchase, or maintain each year. All for the protection its citizens. But what is protecting these technology from the invisible enemy floating in the air? Eureka's products has provided millions of users moisture protection and proven its capability in providing moisture damage protection for these sensitive equipment and devices.

 today and we will provide you with the ultimate protection from the invisible enemy.