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Eureka Dry Tech Fast Super Dryer TUS-101 Dry Cabinet
Low Humidity Dry Cabinet Anti-static Glass, Anti-static Paint on Body and Shelves, ​Anti-static Stands, 1 M Ω Ground Wire
TUS-101 Fast Super Dryer
93 Liters
Humidity Range: 
Recovery Time: 
Recovers to ≤ 20% RH within 2 hours after accessing door for 30 seconds or less.
Adjustable Shelf: 
2 Anti Static
External Dimension: 
40*69.2*43.7 cm (W*H*D)
Internal Dimension: 
36*59.7*35.7 cm (W*H*D)
Door Type: 
Anti-Static Glass
Lock Type: 
Power Consumption: 
Avg. 10 Watts