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Vinyl Underground

Vinyl Underground, vinyl album collection event.
Vinyl underground was an event organized by 誠品音樂 敦南店 during mid-March, 2014.
 Vinyl Underground entrance with old record playerVinyl Underground entrance with old record player Vinyl Underground entrance with old record player
Upon entering the store, you are greeted by a couple of classic record players. However, these classics are only for display purposes and has no ability to reproduce the rich sounds they're known for, of which the collectors pursues. The purpose of this event is for collectors to come and find their "diamond" by digging the piles of rough. 
Vinyl Underground customer searching through albumsVinyl Underground customer searching through albumsVinyl Underground customer searching through albums 
However, not all the records here are for the average collector.
At this event, a special display of Eva Pedrazzi's limited release collection of Bach unaccompanied cello suites was available for purchase. A rarity for a limited release album as it is consider the "holy grail" of black vinyl.
 Vinyl Underground Special album on displayVinyl Underground Eva Pedrazzi collectible album on display 
Due to limited releases, not all albums are obtainable even if you had all the money in the world. So, extra care must be provided in storage conditions.
 Vinyl Underground album cleaning suppliesEureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box Dry Cabinets on display at Vinyl Underground. 

Black vinyl albums are particularly susceptible to moisture damage such as molding in the sound grooves and jackets/album cover. Avoid storing your albums where the relative humidity is higher than 50%. As with temperature, don't allow the relative humidity to fluctuate more than five or ten percent. Your records will last longer if they are stored in an area with stable temperature and humidity.

With that in mind, what are the protective measures for preventing damages to these treasures? Basic cleaning supplies and protective sleeves are a given, but, what about an Eureka Auto Dry Box? In comparison to the amount of time and money invested into an album collection, a proper storage device is only a fraction of that cost. What you are purchasing is not just a storage device, you are purchasing a protective measure for your cherished collection. Please do not hesitate to  with any questions or concerns about how to keep your collection safe from moisture harm.

Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box Dry Cabinets on display at Vinyl Underground.