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Camera Doctor Yang Hua Ming's operating room

Mr. Yang is a very experienced photographer who began his practice at a young age, training with some masters of the photography trade. Because of his passion for higher quality of photos, he has disassemble quite a few cameras allowing him to become the "Camera Doctor."
Cameras awaiting Dr. Camera's ServicesCameras undergone Dr. Camera's Services

Patient's Waiting Room

His workshop has cameras from all over the world awaiting his service or special parts. While patients wait to be operated on by the Doctor, Mr. Yang stores his patients in the "waiting room" Eureka's Auto Dry Box for protection from moisture damage.
Cameras stored in Eureka dry box awaiting Dr. Camera's Services
 Eureka dry box, Dr. Camera's waiting room

Mr. Yang states that most common damages he sees are resulted from moisture and molding. Therefore, in any moist environments, cameras must be stored in Eureka's Auto Dry Box. The Doctor's advice is that, cameras are purchased for use, not purchased for repairs, thus, he believes Eureka's dry box and dry cabinet products are worth his recommendation to any photo enthusiast. If anyone needs the Doctor's service can visit his Facebook page listed below. However, the waiting list could 3 months or longer. 

Original photos source:楊惠民/100000171125001