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Art of Music with a Knife

Wood carved instrument in Eureka Dry Cabinet

Works of art requires countless hours to create.

This artist has created masterpiece instruments using pieces of wood, carving tools, and lots of imagination.

Instrument carving in Eureka Cabinet instrument carving protected from moisture instrument carving protected in Eureka Dry Cabinet  

The result from countless hours of shaving has produced quite a collection of miniaturized guitars, bass, cellos, violas, violins and other assortment of string instruments. 

Wood is a material that will change shape as its moisture content changes. To protect these masterpieces, the artist has chosen Eureka's AD-85 Auto Dry Cabinet to protect them from moisture damage. But with it filled to capacity already, this artist will be looking to upgrade soon.

 today for information regarding how Eureka can protect your art work, collection, and other moisture sensitive items. Or inquire today about how to become an Eureka dealer.