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Dry Cabinet for Storing Art Work

Humidity Control Dry Cabinet Storage for Art Work

moisture damaged painting 

Materials of various types absorbs and releases moisture as the humidity of the surrounding environment changes. This change of moisture can accelerate the speed of deterioration. Problems likely to occur from extreme variations in temperature and relative humidity include biological, chemical, and mechanical deterioration.

To properly care, store and display any art collection, both elements should be constantly monitored and controlled. While temperature is easy to understand, measure and control, controlling relative humidity is a bit more complex. Most museums and art galleries invests extraordinary efforts and expenses to maintain a stable environment in relation to temperature and relative humidity.

Art Gallery displaying painting in moisture controlled environment

Complex and expensive HVAC controlling methods are utilized to control the relative humidity levels within the collection environment. Art galleries and museums work within narrow parameters in relation to temperature and relative humidity because of the broad range of materials in their collections. Sometimes a single object is created from multiple and diverse materials, all of which may react differently to any environmental shift. A sudden change can damage artwork as that object or any of its materials adjusts rapidly to the new relative humidity. These fluctuations will add or create new and unnecessary stress within hygroscopic (moisture sensitive) materials such as paper, wood, ivory, and textiles. Dry cabinet for art gallery

Fortunately, Eureka can provide you with humidity controlled display and storage solutions to diminish the potential damage caused by rapid fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity. At Eureka we provide customized display cabinets meeting special dimensions, shapes, materials, and most importantly, relative humidity control levels.

Eureka is not limited by the size of your need. We can provide you environment humidity control services so you may display many objects created from diverse materials all within one room. Please check out  series  or  with details regarding your moisture control needs and we will provide you with a solution specific to your environment.

Dry cabinet for art galleryArt Gallery displaying painting in custom Eureka designed moisture controlled environment
Art Gallery displaying painting in custom Eureka designed moisture controlled environment