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SMT | EMS | IPC/JEDEC Dry Cabinet

Eureka Dry Tech SMT / EMS / IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 Ultra Low Humidity Dry Cabinet

Ultra-Low Humidity SMT Dry Cabinet for High Tech Manufacturing 

Trace moisture causes defects and failures. From wafer to IC packaging, PCB or PWB manufacturing materials, or surface mount assembly process, trace moisture will cause serious manufacturing defects and failures. These defects are results from improper storage and handling methods which could have occurred at the supplier, warehouse, shipping or the assembly process. These are especially important concerns for industries where product reliability must be tightly controlled such as automotive, defense, medical devices, aeronautic & aviation industries.

Trace moisture affects High Tech manufacturing from wafer & die banking, IC packaging, PCB, to final assembly. The following describes how moisture affects these areas and how Eureka Dry Tech’s Ultra-Low Humidity Fast Super Dryer solves these problems.