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Photo Lens Equipment & Film Dry Cabinet

Eureka Dry Tech specializes in moisture control dry cabinet and dry box products, resolving problems related to humidity and moisture damages such as fungus development on optical lenses, oxidation, mold and rust. Please click on the links below for further details about how Eureka provides protection for optical lens equipment and photo work products.

Camera & Lens Dry Box

Film and Negative Dry Box

Humidity is invisible and the greatest natural harm to photography equipment.

Humidity harm to photo equipment

Humidity is invisible to the naked eyes and is the greatest enemy of photography equipment. Condensation can occur on lens surfaces and internal circuit boards. When condensation sets, it could lead to problems with mold, corrosion, decay, oxidation, rust and other moisture-related deterioration on all photo equipment.

Condensation causes damage on optical lens equipment.

As condensation collect over time, fungus, rust, oxidation, and mold begins to develop. Before long performance issues and failures will appear. The damage caused by humidity does not distinguish from equipment manufacturer or any particular fields. All are susceptible to the harm caused by humidity. 

Humidity soaked up by equipment becomes condensation.

Humidity soaked up by your equipment becomes condensation, especially in discreet areas you cannot see during your regular equipment maintenance and cleaning process 

Humidity Controlled Storage for Photo, Films, Negatives, and Other Work Products

Films, whether acetate and nitrate, WILL deteriorate over time! Whether slowly or rapidly depends on the temperature and RH of the storage environment. Acetate films will begin to degrade in about 50 years at ideal conditions. However, periods of higher temperature or relative humidity will accelerate the process. Only cold and dry environment will slow it down. Newly processed film stored in cool (72°F/21°C or less) or cold (50°F/or 10°C or less) at moderate RH (20% to 50%) can be expected to last for centuries. The same film stored under poor conditions may last only a few decades. 

The good news is that Eureka's dry cabinet products can protect your photos, films, negatives, and other work products from moisture damage and ferrotyping on top of each other or on to protective sleeves. Film-based collections with proper storage environment will minimize the risk of decay-related damage.