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About Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet, Electronic Desiccator

About Eureka Dry Tech 

Taiwan Dry Tech LogoEureka Dry Tech is committed to developing dehumidification technology that is comprehensive, fully automated, cost saving, and durable. Helping people all over the world solve once and for all problems with humidity and moisture damage in areas such as manufacturing, collection and daily life.

Eureka Auto Dry Box / Dry Cabinet product series are manufactured by Taiwan Dry Tech Corp., the industry innovator in relative humidity (RH) / moisture control Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinets and Electric Desiccators.

Eureka Auto Dry Box Main Logo

Eureka Dry Tech offers low humidity (25%~55% RH) Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet, and Electric Desiccator for moisture controlled storage of everyday life items and offers Ultra-Low Humidity (1%~20% RH) Fast Super Dryer Dry Cabinets for SMT/EMS/Laboratory use. Eureka Dry Tech's Fast Super Dryer meets the storage and handling standards of IPC/JEDEC J-Std-033 and IPC-1601 as required in high-tech manufacturing industry for trace moisture removal. Providing optimal storage environment for moisture sensitive items such as wafers & dies, IC packages, PCB, and SMT (surface mount technology). Eureka Dry Tech's moisture adsorption technology can also be utilized as separation, purification, and environmental control.


  • Eureka Dry Tech possess a strong supply chain from upstream to downstream. We provide fully customized products with competitive pricing while maintaining first-class quality to suit our customer's needs. No matter what you are storing, collecting or displaying, all items will benefit from moisture/humidity damage protection by storing in our products.
  • We are a manufacturer with capabilities in providing fully customized products in various sizes, designs, colors, and materials such as wood/steel/stainless steel.
  • Eureka Dry Tech's product performance has effectively provided millions of global users with trusted solutions in solving any problems related to moisture damage and humidity control issues. Our customer ranges from individual consumers, private collectors, government, military, museums, law enforcement agencies, educational facilities, industrial manufacturers, laboratories, and many more.
  • Eureka Dry Tech has millions of Auto Dry Box & Fast Super Dryer global users' approval of its fully automated and friendly dehumidifying dry cabinet designs, free of any complicated installation and constant maintenance.

Eureka Dry Tech will provide you with industry leading solution to serve you in all aspects. Consult us with your humidity/moisture control needs and we will provide you with the best solution on the market.

Without a doubt Eureka should be your first choice in the world.

We Are The Humidity Solutionist.

Eureka Dry Tech is ISO 9001 certified Eureka Dry Tech is CE certified. Eureka Dry Tech is a SMTA Corporate Member